About the game

Coming out of nowhere, FRAKAS, a new challenger, enters the fight for the title of “Best Brawler”.

Frakas is an online PvP fighting game with more than 30 playable challengers coming from different parts of the galaxy.

There are many brawlers out there; in some you just have to push a button. In Frakas there are special moves to perform advanced skills and combo points for a “crescendo” feeling during combat. It is inspired from old arcade fighting games, but seen from above; move efficiently with WASD and aim with the mouse. Players can feel the harshness of PvP combat in short matches: the gameplay is based only on the player’s skills, in both Free For All and Team modes.

Frakas is aiming for a fun, rocking and intuitive gameplay. The challengers can eject their opponents at the other side of the map or crush them as flat as a leaf. Roll on them, yell or sneeze at them, fold paper ravens, change the gravity, be a wrench tornado, everything needed to have fun for hours and show up one’s skills.

Steam (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), Playstation 4 and Xbox One are currently the targeted platforms, the availability depends on the future Kickstarter Campaign. The planned release date is May 2017.

Key Features

About the team

Frakas is being developed by Oakmoss Games, a French independent studio. So far, the studio counts 7 passionate gamers, with various backgrounds - such as studies in classical arts, 3d modeling, animation, programming, sound design… - this team was gathered by Vincent Bruneau in late 2015 for this first commercial title.

The story behind it begins with an original game idea from Vincent. He asks his long-time friend Arnaud to look for interested professionals, such as Yannis. They played online together for 10 years, but physically met for the first time to work on this project! Célia was also recruited, followed by Yoan, thanks to school acquaintances.

The group kept an “everybody’s the boss” approach, and other people were hired to help on the development of Frakas, which was improved with everyone’s ideas.

“At Oakmoss Games, we want each member to create the games of his or her dreams. This simple idea leads us to deliver our best to the community: the creativity of everybody is used at its full potential."




FRAKAS logo "Heat" colors
Oakmoss GAMES logo HQ Black
Oakmoss GAMES logo HQ White
Oakmoss GAMES logo HQ Brown

Team members

Vincent Bruneau
CEO, Game designer, Character designer, 3D artist, Animation designer, illustration

Arnaud Salomon
Texture, Animation, character and Game designer, Illustration

Yoan Autin
3d, Animation and FX artist

Célia Porcher
Software Engineer, Art integrator, UI/UX developer

Yannis Guyon
Software Engineer, Plugin and Network developer

Pascale Roncin
Community manager

Dojo Turnbull
Voice actor

Clémence Barthoux
Community/Marketing tips

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